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Porter Cabel Air Framing Nailer

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Selling my Porter Cable Air Framing Nailer with plastic case
used it to build a shed.
Paid 199.00 at the Home Depot.
Asking 75.00 OBO plus ship
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Where's Winchester?:laughing:
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What's the model number and will need a pic
Model Number

Workin on a picture, have to get the wife to help me with the camera.
Model No. is FC350A
Type 1 Serial No. 062829 B4011
How are the seals? If it's in nice shape and not abused, seals are good, works properly, in the plastic case, I'll do the deal for $85.00, you pay the shipping out of that.

I don't know who you are with 13 posts, but I'm obviously not going any where and can be vouched for. When it arrives and it is what you say it is I'll send you the dough or do some pay pal thing if you like.

Rocky Mountain Bathrooms
c/o Mike Finley
10507 W. Ottawa Ave
Littleton, CO 80127

Get a good pic up.

Heya Mike,
BelleMech is a company that I used to run in Michigan.
My name is Brian DuRussel and I live in Grand Blanc, Michigan.
The 85.00 Sounds OK.
Let me see what the ship would be at UPS tomarrow (Monday).
I attached some pictures.
Let me know.
My email is [email protected]
Thanks Mike


Air Nailer

Heya Mike
I do not post a lot here but do under durussel78 and bellemech on HVAC-Talk.
My cell number is 810-931-3762.
Understand about shipping someone payment 5 states away when we had never met. Would you know of any other way than pay pal - dont have one of them yet.
Usually have a cashiers check sent or something that you can keep track of, and keep the buyer in the loop the whole time by phone. Understand though.
Let me know Mike.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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