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Funny you say Free Profile

First, you have such a nice website so why not just focus every extra minute of your time adding more content to your site to drive leads?

Second, on your website, I noticed you provide Home Page support to another lead generation company, and when I clicked on it - it didn't land me on to any reviews. So perhaps you take away the link since these are part of tactics that lead gen companies obtain to gather more subtle creditability to their site than yours. But that is another story.

Third, the company you mentioned is just the latest to join the ranks of Service Magic, Angies List, Houzz and even the one Home Depot purchased. They all know they can easily get content from contractors to build a business so consumers continue to not got to contractor's website, then start charging whatever they want. It seems the wheel just keeps getting bigger and bigger while many (but not you - congrats) do not spend anytime on their own sites.

Last but not least - I could not see anything specific pertaining to the Terms and Conditions for submitted content - which is always what I fear. When it doubt - it is against the contractor's long term interests. So perhaps the company you mentioned will be looking to do something different with the information, I wonder :whistling
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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