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Porcelain Light Fixtures

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Who makes the old style porcelain enamel light fixtures nowadays? These are the industrial looking fixtures, sometimes referred to as barn lights or gas station lights. I can't seem to find out who manufactures them. I have a few old ones that were made by Benjamin, and I've seen those same lights at some of the chain restaurants so I know they are still being made.

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Thanks. I spent a couple hours searching and I had already found those sites. The ones that dogdishlights had on their website is the style of what I am looking for. I really don't need the visor part, just the socket assembly that goes inside. I have plenty of the visors already from lighting taken out of a steel mill. In this application the dents and dings in the visors give the lighting an old look and feel.
OK what does that mean?
At least 6 beers.
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