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Popcorn Removed now Primer ?

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Got a house I'm doing. All the ceilings had popcorn. All been removed. Where the PC was not painted came out smooth and fairly clean. Where painted, harder to remove, has a good bit of chalk remaining. Will sponge that off.

I've been at this for many years but up north in MD there's not too much popcorn. Here in NC there's a lot of it. So now the flag is up on me for prep.

I do a lot of repairs and always use Cover Stain - Oil. Its just about full proof. I seem to never use the cheapest products either.

I've searched CT and DIY on the subject and can't get a good read on using oil (Kilz) or Zin 123 (water).

I'm scared to death of using any wb primer on these ceilings. Apparently some folks are ok with it ?

Can you guys clear it up ? Oil or water base ??

Wb - Zin 123, Bull's Eye wb or Kilz 2 (yuk ?)

Ob - Kilz Orig, Bulls Eye

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a steamer helps to remove painted popcorn
A hose with a nozzle set to "mist" works wonders too. I use one of those scrapers that you can hang a grocery sac on the bottom to catch most of the PC. Still a PITA of course.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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