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Popcorn Removed now Primer ?

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Got a house I'm doing. All the ceilings had popcorn. All been removed. Where the PC was not painted came out smooth and fairly clean. Where painted, harder to remove, has a good bit of chalk remaining. Will sponge that off.

I've been at this for many years but up north in MD there's not too much popcorn. Here in NC there's a lot of it. So now the flag is up on me for prep.

I do a lot of repairs and always use Cover Stain - Oil. Its just about full proof. I seem to never use the cheapest products either.

I've searched CT and DIY on the subject and can't get a good read on using oil (Kilz) or Zin 123 (water).

I'm scared to death of using any wb primer on these ceilings. Apparently some folks are ok with it ?

Can you guys clear it up ? Oil or water base ??

Wb - Zin 123, Bull's Eye wb or Kilz 2 (yuk ?)

Ob - Kilz Orig, Bulls Eye

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Thanks fellas. I thought I might get flamed a bit, but the pro's are out tonight.

The hard to remove 2 rooms that the PC was painted I'll sponge off the heavy chalk remains and most likely pull a tight coat of mud. The others, sponge off, pull where needed, spot and seams.

They're all going back to smooth dw. Its not stained but about 35% of the original surface looks like real old dw (built 1965) brown most likely from the age and heat of the attic over the years.

Looks like a good latex primer sealer will do. I was concerned about the remains / chalk creating an adhesion problem with latex primer but I'll clean it up ? Cover Stain would be full proof.

The owner (this is a FC in a good neighborhood) gets in there and works the job too. I just want to give the best input but ultimately its his call. I originally said ob primer for all the right reasons. I'll let you know.

Any other input is appreciated.
Just want to check back in.

Used Zinnser 123 Primer - Sealer wb. Worked out well. Sprayed it on with my rig.

As I mentioned, scraped the whole house of PC ceilings. A couple were painted and made it more difficult.

Just wanted to pass along a tip I got about a year ago I think from FHB mag? That's using rounded edge scrapers. See the pic. Cut the corners with a Wiss snip then used a grinder to finish the rounding. No gouging anywhere.

Thanks for the input.


Those are scrapers for the PC......I could never finish with anything like that, man..!

I've got Hyde for finishing......I knew this was going to come up.....
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