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Poor Business

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Like to hear if anyone else has had a situation like I did today.

First I should explain that I'm a G.C and have been in business for about 5yr.
I went to look at a remodel job on a bathroom for a customer.

Customer wanted to know what the difference in price would be between re-tiling a shower/tub area VS installing cultured marble or a similar product.
So I set out to a place called Princess marble the marble store by my house. I ask to talk to someone about the price per sq ft of cultured marble.
The secratary says she'll get someone, Two minutes later she comes back to tell me that thier company isn't taking on any new clients. NO sorry, No explination. No, we are back logged. Nothing!!
So I leave @#$$# pissed off. I call to talk to someone higher up about the situation. And hopefully get an explination!!!
The secratary says She'll let me talk to the person in charge of sales. She also appoligizes for what happened earlier. So I talk to this REP.
This Rep basicly tells me where to stick it. Says 80% of his business come from 10 big contracts. I told him treating potential contractor like that and his business will never grow. He tells me he doesn't want his business to grow, He doesn't care what I think, or what I say to my clients about his company. Big Balls for someone who doesnt know if I do 1 bathroom remodel a year or 100.
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Hack, If you have been a GC for 5 yrs. why do you come here for advice on a bath remod?
That'd piss me off too - but I have to tell you I can respect someone that turns away work because it's more than they can do. I've seen too many subs / suppliers wind up just jerkin' people off from delivery committment to delivery committment because they've got more sales than their resources can support. In August I called and inquired about obtaining credit with a local ready-mix supplier. They VERY NICELY explained that they couldn't take on any more customers for the year - not even C.O.D. I thought that was pretty stand-up. Rather than having every load show up 2 and 3 hours late they just turn away what they can't do. Yeah, it pissed me off for a couple of weeks but guess what? If I need a load of concrete on time this year, I'm betting they're the ones to call. Right now I see four links on this page for marble vendors - check'm out.
Hey Teetorbilt, Just wanted to vent. I'ts been one of those days!!
I wonder why they even have a place of business. Might as well save the overhead and run it out of their house :)
Understood Hack, We all have those days and my wife has to expound on hers, why do I have to listen to yours too?
Want to hear how my day went? 4 drums of paint,wrong color. 14 30" doors delivered, except they were 36". Casing for all of the doors were 336 colonial and delivered modern. Fascia on another project was not del. Roofer did not show up for est.+++
This is day to day for me, it's normal.
that would explain the swords......
Hackman, don't sweat that small stuff, it will make you die early. I've been told this once or twice, last time from ready mix also, I respect any businesses right to choose who it wants to do business with so I just go to the next name. If those guys have been working with the 10 biggest guys they probably do know how much volume you do, obviously not as much as their guys or they would know you already.

So what was the difference in price between tile and cultured marble?
Mike, took your advice and went on the the next co. Their more than happy to have my business and hopefully in the future I'll be able to do more with them. and no I'm not one of those top 10 companys.

-Teetorbilt-sorry to hear you also had one of those days. Too bad you don't live closer to me I could probably take the paint and some of the doors off your hands.
Don't be surprised if someday you aren't accepting new customers. It can happen to you. Sometimes I pull my newspaper ads in the summer, or just put my web-site in the ad instead of my phone number to cut down on the volume of calls. Sometimes it is just too much to deal with. Some years it seems like 80 to 90 percent of the callers have already gotten 10 estimates before they call me. When that happens I just shut out the new stuff, and take care of my regulars.
Too busy for more work? Never!

I'd hire more salesmen and crews before I'd turn down profitable work.
Grumpy, You ought to be here. I'm usually booked out a few mos. but if I could find 20 more guys I'll still be booked out a year.
Teetor the answer is easy.. then hire 40 more guys. Hire 60 more guys. Build an empire then sell it and build another empire.
How ya doin' Grumpy? Guess ya had the same crud that I had, I still have a little upper chest thing going. Doc said that it was because I'm old, freakin' whippersnapper!
You have no idea what is going on around here. If the ads are true, I should hire a GM and re-enter the pits. I've gone to weekly bonuses just to keep people from defecting. It's really hard to go up against the developers.
I've been watching Fla hard Teetor. I've even been looking at campers on e-bay.

If I figure right, about half the damage pop. has settle on insurance and are more than ready to spend.

I think I'd enjoy the drowning in work as much as the money.

Not to echo Grump, but thats exactly how construction empires are built.

Glass, I'm so over empires. I built my first before I was 25 in the stock market. The second robbed me of my childrens teen years. The third was actually done for someone else and caused health problems. Today, I have my own little businesses, take time off as needed or wanted and life is good.
Don't worry, be happy!
I'm with you. What we're selling here is our lives.
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