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Hey guys, just need some tips.

Not so long ago, being in Europe, I got a job as a head of marketing department for a company that produces and instals polyurathane "masonry".

The basic idea behind the product, company produces masonry look-alike polyurathane molds, than then get installed on a metal carcass.

I know working for a company like that is not really making me look good (considering I worked with real masonry for most of my life),nevertheless having actual economics degree and needing work at the moment to tie over my free time, I took the job. I guess what sold me was the fact, that we actually do government contracts on improving the look (using the product) of the old and out of shape buildings via these moulds (that are really realistic) as well as adding the R-value to the houses by installng the product that actually also doesn't burn (our products withstand extreme heat for 2 as long as its competitors)(awarded european ISO standards). All the work is done in 3rd world and developing countries.

The installation process is somewhat complex which is one of the downsides of the product....

Currently we are trying to come out on top on several markets including USA and I have been working on the the outside(of country) marketing plan.
I totally understand, that, realistically, every country requires its own approach, but was wondering if you guys have any general ideas or tips you would be willing to give me.

Thank you:thumbup:
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