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It's Labor Day, Are You Working?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 26 39.4%
  • No - I'm taking the day off

    Votes: 35 53.0%
  • No - I would like to work but I don't have anything lined up

    Votes: 5 7.6%

POLL: It's Labor Day, Are You Working?

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Just interested to know how many of you guys are working today.
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Uh, how would someone who's working be able to respond?
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How about, I'm using this place to
avoid the design I should be doing? :laughing:
Looked at a roof this AM.

Dropped of an exterior repaint proposal.

Loading up for my next trailer park adventure staring tomorrow.
How about, I'm using this place to
avoid the design I should be doing? :laughing:
Same thing!!

Supposed to be getting all the details ready for contract signing tomorrow. :laughing:
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No, I am not working today, even though I hung a portrait for a good customer and replaced a security light for my mom.:blink:
I would normally take today off anyhow but I dont have anything to do till later in the week
Guilty as charged. Only days I really consider holidays are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the 4th.
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I planned on it. I got half way to the job and I realized I left what I needed in my garage. They weren't expecting me today so I said F it.
Workin' on smokin' a prime rib and cleaning the garage.:thumbup:
Went to the shop for 3 hours to prep a few pieces for stain in the morning... Got tired of the dust and came home. Time to fire up the BBQ...
Did a "house call" @ noon for an old friend. Then back to the house/office to work on the week ahead. It must be nice to be self employed!:lol:
Working working, no, not really. Had to go to the shop and pick up my receipts and add them all up for quarterly taxes :wallbash:

I should be working on a bid for an office, but, well, uhmmmm, I don't want too. :no:
hardly.. a little maintenance in the shop. a little kick'n back. I always have paperwork that I 'should' be doing.:laughing:
worked the last 7 days, decided to "take the day off"....wife has me doing yard work. :no: At least she didn't mention the painting that needs to get done :whistling
Sort of a mix between all three.

I always take labor day off. It's like a personal LAW for me.

Got work lined up but it doesn't start until the 14th next Monday.

So I guess it's party time :party:
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Yah better believe i worked today, most folks like to know that i am willing to work most holidays since sometimes its the only time they are around. Today i installed an 8K Guardian generator for an older fella who has cancer. The guy i had helping me part time this summer picked up a full time job but he had today off so he helped me out today. I go back tomorrow to install the battery that i forgot to pick up during the week. While i am there i have to give this guy an estimate for an underground service to his garage. He has the garage on its own meter so i think i have him talked into this service so he isnt wasting his money on another meter bill. I also picked up a small roof job while i was there too. I kept the trailer "rolling billboard" out next to the road where it could be seen for extra advertising.
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