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pocket door panic

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Hey guys,
I frequent this forum, usually in the flooring section as that is my profession. The wife has me renovating our kitchen and installing a pocket door in a wall that Im putting up which is barely long enough for the rough opening. Im talking about just a few extra inches. I have installed pocket doors in three other locations in the house with out much trouble but for some reason this one is fighting me. I think I screwed up the rough opening. My question is do I HAVE to have a proper header for the pocket door or can I just span the gap with the bracket? Its a 36" door with a 72 and change opening which I will have to make bigger if I HAVE to put a header in. Thanks guys!
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As long as it isn't a bearing wall, you should be ok.
You can just build a ladder style header, or if space is an issue, just use a top plate or two or three. The header adds nothing in your case.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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