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(I posted this under the plumbers thread and then discovered this part of the forum. Sorry for the repeat, but it seemed more applicable here. Any help would be appreciated)
I was hoping a plumber (or someone familiar with the plumbing indstry) could help me out. I have to do a case review and we're suppose to contact professionals who may help us out. My question is where do plumbers get their supplies from? Is it the traditional home improvement stores? Or is it contracts with other supply companies? My main premise in asking is this: If I were a "fixture" company and wanted to target plumbers to use my particular brand - how would I do it? Should I advertise directly to the plumbers or their suppliers? Oh and the company is set in the United Kingdom. I realize the market is different, but I wasn't sure if they obtained supplies differently than in the U.S. Any help and explanation would be greatly appreciated.

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