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plumbing in a dishwasher - anyone help ????

I am about to plumb in a dishwasher and would like to know 2 things.
1) should I connect the waste to trap 1 or trap 2 ? ( see picture) - I plan
to change the relevant trap for one that has a "spigot" on to attach said
2) Can I connect the cold feed to the rising main above the drain cock (
picture again) or does it have to go after the tap Tee piece ? I plan on
using one of those tap like gadgets that just screws on to the pipe and cuts
+ seals its own hole.

I am hoping there is facility to attach said picture. If not so, then it is
shown on my webpage ( webpage is only for this purpose ) - so dont expect
much :)

Finally, if picture is totally unviewable, then I will explain that trap 1
is from the main kitchen sink bowl
and trap2 is from the small rinse sink in the middle - it also has a
connection to the "draining board drain"
Trap 2 connects to the top of the outlet pipe exiting the wall, whilst trap
1 enters same pipe a bit lower down via a Tee


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