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Plumbers are a SNOOTY bunch

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Ok now that I got your attention, SOME plumbers are snooty and need to get off their high horse. Morons stiffled a conversation that could have been tremendously helpful. I've never seen a similiar reaction anywhere before.
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Whatta freakin' joke!

And ppl think we are bad here!:shutup:
dayuuum...:blink: your a$$ still hurt, 'cuz that was a spankin' :laughing:

And we thought we were getting a little rough over here....time for a panty-raid :shifty:
Somebody sign in and ask a "how much to charge question"...I dare ya :laughing:

Tell 'em you normally do carpentry work but you were able to scam a job off your old plumber and now you need to know how much to charge...:w00t:

I'm too chicken after reading grumpy's thumpin'
Some of these people in these trades need to get of their high horse. They give so many of us good trades people a bad rep and they think that they are the bee's at what they do when any one with some common sense can do any job if they put there mind to it. They are dam plumbers not rocket scientists. Tell them to shove it. :thumbsup:
The worst thing is he came out and said he was a roofer, but was just looking for business opinions...I don't think any of the responders have too much business sense, at least not from that hissy fit. :no:
Grumpy I have to take some exception to you saying they are a snooty bunch.

Apparently they are snooty AND discourteous.

OK Grumpy,
Go back in there and pose as a HO,
And then a Handyman
And then a Young wanna be
And then>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Maybe we should all go over and get their safety valves blowin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Possible post options:

BUTTCRACK: Is it necessary or mandatory?

Snaking: Biggest trophy ever!

Methane: Is it rally as flammable as they say?
LOL not only did they lock the thread, they BANNED my username.

I mean even in the CT sister site, roofing talk, we don't verbally abuse non roofers looking for advice.
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Plumbers........... Where's the shaking head side to side smiley ? I've seen plumbers leave the job cause there was a few braces not taken down by the framers. God forbid wood on the floor that they have to step over. I'm gonna ruffle some feathers here but most plumbers could not be framers, they're not tough enough...........:thumbsup:
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And why is it:

Plumbers always leave their trash behind for everyone to trip over and haul away?
You showed them a lot of respect and got crapped on in the process.

From their responses one can only gather their forum is mostly for mutual mental masturbation, and you interrupted their circle jerk.

I'd say you got out in the nick of time.
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Grumpy, is the place to go. They're not saints but as long as you don't step on toes immediately they're extremely helpful. For whatever reason, they don't take the high and mighty stance, generally, but like I said tread lightly for the first couple of posts.
I signed up over there, I wonder how long I will last.:eek:
A few more of these posts and I'll go in and post the link for them to read all about their impressionable approach .

They say the way you treat your dog is how you feel about people,so I'm sure the HO's who read their posts get a pretty good impression of how they treat their dogs.
Wow, that is a sad reception you got over there. Completely unwarranted. Like my dad the pipefitter used to say, "plumbers are an uncouth bunch of bastards".
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