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Yes. I have one and it's great.

The nice thing is that you can set it up and then use a micro dial to move the 90º to just where you need it.

That being said, sometimes it can take a while to get the laser exactly setup and dialed in to what/where you need it, especially if you can't easily set up parallel to where you need the 90º.

Not sure if that makes sense, but it's not a fault of the device, it's usually a fault with (me) the user. :laughing:

We use it a lot to square long stringers off the side of a deck since it gives you a 3D 90º.

I'm trying to figure out how best to set it up to actually square a deck with it. It has to be parallel with the ledger which can be tricky to setup. Then again, it could be stupidly simply and I'm just not seeing the obvious solution.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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