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Quote from your site -

"Even if you have no idea what the list below means, that doesn’t matter. After you receive a free inspection from us, we’ll explain what your options are, how each will protect you, and give you the information you need to make an informed decision."

The purpose of the site is to explain what you can do and why certain things are important. Do a good job there and the prospect is already sold. So you need better content. Otherwise the design does not have any obvious mistakes.

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BTW Whenever anyone has posted their website here for review, HONEST reviews are what you are going to get.

I got about 50 reviews on my site a couple months ago and not all of them were good. Its best to keep an open mind and really review what the responses mean. (It doesn't always mean they are picking on you, they just noticed a problem) We can be brutal but it's best to have the potential bugs out of the way prior to you uploading the site.

Good luck!

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Just a touch

I would add just a touch of flare - some simple colors might be nice too, but it just really needs that one WOW factor, like a slideshow or flash.

Overall, its a great site you should be very proud.

I offer and do website design and SEO, if you need nay help.


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looks very good but id maybe do some before and after pictures if possible.. a HO or business owner doesnt know what flashing is show them...

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This is just a follow up as to the keywords that I would add. I wrote the keywords based upon the copy that is currently on that specific page of the site.

I noticed that you don't have any keywords on the following pages of your website:

Free Estimate / Quote

Keep in mind, that keywords are not the end-all, be-all for your website to be placed high in the rankings of search engines, it just helps the search engines when they view your website to know what content that the specific page is about.

Another note: if you want your company to come up on Google for a specific keyword and it's not in the list that I've written down, then that means that you need to write some copy that includes that keyword.

Here is a list of keywords that you should add to each page respectively.

Home page keywords:

<meta name="keywords" content="flat roofs, flat roofing, flat roofing replaced, repaired, restored, maintained, leak free,
commercial, residential flat roof, roofing tar, roofing business, expert on flat roofs, flat roof, roof, commercial property,
residential flat roof, st. Louis, Missouri, the flat roof company, st Louis mo " />

Products page keywords:

<meta name="keywords" content="the flat roof company, flat roof, roof company, rubber roofing system, firestone building
products, firestone reflexEON, Modified roofing system, GAF materials corporation, ruberoid torch smooth, " />

Gallery page keywords:

<meta name="keywords" content="flat roofing photo gallery, flat roofing, photo gallery, metal roof repair, e.p.d.m. rubber roof install, rubber roof torch down, cool roof restoration, 4 family flat residential rubber re roof " />

Free Estimate / Quote page keywords:

<meta name="keywords" content="free estimate, 314-995-1212, estimators, contact, product, estimate, the flat roof co, business, " />

References page keywords:

<meta name="keywords" content="commercial, residential, leak free, no leaks, roof, good roofing company, zero leaks, great price, responsive emergency service, professional, reliable service, prompt, reasonable price, flat roofs, roof repair, new rubber roof install, flat roof restoration, roof repairs & restoration " />

Contact page keywords:

<meta name="keywords" content="the flat roof company, st. louis, MO, 63141, 314-995-1212, contact information, website, call, appointment, estimate, " />

guarantee page keywords:

<meta name="keywords" content="leak free guarantee, guarantee, flat roof, won't leak, new roof installations, restorations, repairs, repair work, flat roof restorations, new rubber roof installation, re-roofing, entire roof, decking, " />

I hope that this helps.

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First thing to keep in mind. People using the internet have VERY limited patience. When I look at your site, the first thing I think about is .. wow, lots of words. Try using more pictures and short blurbs. Let the person decide in 5 seconds or less if you look like a reputable company.

Move your phone number up to the top of the site. Don't make scroll down half a page to find it. And include an email and other ways to contact you or find out about your services.

Your header is busy. Why is that white box over the banner? Why is it spelled out "FLAT roof"? I don't want to have to think to find out the name of your company.

In your References section, show pictures to go with those jobs.

Overall, you should try to keep in mind that less is more, and pictures and video go a LONG way.

Hope you take my comments as honest feedback. Best of luck with your business!
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