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Please help with a friggen name.

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The company I am working for now is launching a sales program that allows people to register online to become a sales rep for our sister company (long story on that) Builder Elements.

What we want to do is set up another domain just for sales reps to go to, I'm thinking somewhat like a forum where they can interact (not designing it though) but somehow it befalls on me to think up a name for this site and I am really drawing a blank here. I know the owner would like it to reflect the sense of 'community', however I feel it is also important to keep it simple. No need to be too flashy as only the reps will be going there.

So far Im just at something like


I dunno..... as you can see they messed up letting me try to name it.. :laughing:
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what about a subdomain?


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:thumbsup: see thats why we come here. Perfect (I think) thank you.
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