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I see a lot of wall details and diagrams around for these constructions. Most seem to use drywall in the details.

Both of these systems employ heavy exterior insulation with the water and vapor barrier below the foam but above the sheathing.

With that said, neither really recommend insulating the interior wall cavities of exterior walls (remote says up to 1/3 r value is fine). This is because thermally isolating the sheathing from the heat inside puts it into danger of its temperature dropping enough to have moisture condensate.

My question then is I prefer plaster to drywall. It's my preference.

Does anyone see a glaring issue using plaster? I know one can achieve an air tight barrier with plaster which is my concern. In therory the plaster should have less insulating properties vs the air filled sheet rock board so no issue there. However does this then create a double vapor barrier situation resulting in trapped moisture?
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