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Plaster Help!!!

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Hello I'm a heating and air contractor in alabama, I am installing a duct sysyem in the attic of a 70 year old house with plaster celings. I have done this before , but I am looking to a more productive way than I curantly e. I have been using a sawzaw (recipocating) with "Plaster" blades. They work well but sure takes a number of them. I have quite a few holes going in to this job. Is there another way?
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Grinder, diamond blade----shopvac and helper:thumbsup:, welcome to CT GMOD
Ditto,watch your fingers! Wear heavy duty gloves.:thumbsup:
I always use my plaster axe, If you take and chop a line with the axe then pull the plaster off the ceiling. is there wood lath or rock lath? if theres wood you don't need to hit it that hard, now if theres rock lath you'll need to smack it hard then once you find the ceiling joists just cut along it. the only saw I have ever use was a drywall hand saw, works well on rock lath plaster but not on wood lath plaster. Good luck
Will the grinder with a diamond blade give a smooth cut?
you have to remove the plaster out of the way. like frankowitz SASE this will save a Lott of blades, i always beat a line before sawing
Try one of these. They are really accurate.

You should be able to get them in the US
Rotozip and a vacuum with a plaster bit.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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