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Plank Vinyl Flooring

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I have not done this in awhile...I have a little over 3000 sq ft to do more than 1 room all installed @ a 45 Degree angle. Does anyone know what the rate on this is now (abouts)??
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I've been getting $3/foot but you can make all kinds of money at $2 labor
here this would cost you a approximately $3-4, pretty good and complete with all the finishing
LVP/LVT rates

I pay crews $.80/Sf for run of the mill straight lay on most LVP or LVT products. Up to $1.50 for designer layouts, but $1.25 is typical. Underlayment, floor prep, quarter round, etc., is additional.

P.S. If this is one big room (I'm unclear if it is or not) you should lay this almost as fast as straight lay if it doesn't have any accent strips or anything. Even two or three rooms will go fast if it isn't real cut up.

i just have no idea where anyone would pay 3 bucks a ft to install some vinyl plank, i would take 2 guys(150 a day) and myself @ $1 finish in prolly 3 hrs if it is 1 room and 4 to 6 hrs if it is chopped up, and pocket 2700 bucks and go home to the family with a smile
it is crazy what people pay but i did 3,000sq ft of oak hard wood and made $3,500 in 4 days with just 2 of us working all day. (Virginia)
We have done thousands of feet for lvt. The going rate for commercial is about $1.25 psf. Residential you can get $3 in some markets. The biggest tip I can give you is, if you have cross lighting and there wont be a lot of fixtures, make sure the floor is flat. Vlt telegraphs the condition of the sub floor and things you wouldn't expect to show do. Maybe not right away, but over time and a picky customer can tear your work apart.
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