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Pipe assembly tool

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As is my usual custom, I'm looking for a tool that I don't know the name of. The tool is generally used by sewer installers. It is basically a bar type aparatus that straps or chains to two butt ends of pipe. Then, you crank the handle over and it slides one pipe inside of the other with little effort. With as fast as PVC glue dries on hot days, it is sometimes trouble getting 4" PVC slid together. I figure this tool, if I knew what it was called, would help us out.
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Nope, that wouldn't help. The tool I saw was totally different. It strapped onto both pieces at once, and lined then up and jacked them together. I tried to draw a pic to give the idea of what I saw:


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Yep, Teetor and Plum have it nailed. That's exactly what I need. Now that I have a couple of search terms, I'm gonna scope out eBay. Those friggin' things cost a little over 400 bucks. I will own one or several, but not at that price.
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