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pine trim

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Here in Montana, we use a lot of pine trim. Several years ago I started using pocket screws for all the miter joints, to keep things nice and tight.
Have any of you had any experience using a corrugated stapler? I recently toured a facility that was using them looks like a really fast way to hold things together.
Thoughts or suggestions?
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Yes, 1x4 typically. The house I'm doing now will have 1x4 casing and 1x6 base. I haven't ever considered one before, but after looking closely at how it holds, I am considering getting one. Waaay faster than pockets screws.
No production table for me either, however, I do approach it from a production perspective. Precut everything, I set up a plywood table to work on and have everything out. Usually goes fairly quickly once you get to that point.
However, the corrugated nail would be quicker, the setup would be the same.
I think I will get a gun and see, looks like I can get one for under $250.
I have never seen a foreman in action. Looks pretty awesome. Looks about $800, which could be worth it over a few jobs.
My interest in the corrugated staple came from seeing one being used. I have never used one, or seen how well it worked till last week. This got me thinking about trim jobs.
Just wondering if anyone else was using one.
The way I do it now is not that bad, just looking for a way to pick up the pace...cheaply
45 degree miters are not the norm, but I do them occasionally. 2 screws with glue. I don't have any that look any different than the day they were done...yes I check on these things
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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