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pine flooring

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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with red/norway pine flooring. I'm wondering if it takes stain well and if a tung oil finish would be a good choice? Also, does anyone know of a stocking dealer in south east Wisconsin. I'm looking for 6"x16' planks. Thanks, Mike
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Mike959 wrote:
".....I've never lived in a home with pine floors. I want a look correct for a vintage Wisconsin home but don't want it to look like crap in a couple of years...."
Mike, most of the pine floors that I have seen in the old homes of the northern (midwestern) and northeast homes have been of either old-growth knotty pine or heart-pine. The latter is a much harder pine and more resilient to nicks, gouges, scuffing, marring, etc.

Unless I miss my guess, heart-pine is what you are looking for?! Heart-pine finishes beautifully and looks beautiful on the floor.

Another choice is pumpkin-pine, but it has a more orangey tone to it then knotty or heart-pine. Not sure if that would work for you....color wise?

Just a little FYI.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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