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pine flooring

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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with red/norway pine flooring. I'm wondering if it takes stain well and if a tung oil finish would be a good choice? Also, does anyone know of a stocking dealer in south east Wisconsin. I'm looking for 6"x16' planks. Thanks, Mike
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Teetorbilt said:
It's actually Red Pine and Norway Spruce, two different woods if you want to get nitpicky.
Hi, Yes, I do want to get nitpicky. Okay so red pine is "pinus resinosa"? Norway spruce is??? I have the understanding that true red pine is one of the harder pines. Do you believe that to be true? Even though it is locally grown I am having a lot of trouble finding it in southeast Wisconsin. I found a lumber yard in northern Wisconsin (Woodruff) that had what they called red pine. I drove up over the weekend and picked up 70 sq. ft. You mentioned that is has few knots. The boards I got are 6"x10'. They do have a fair amount of knots, pairs of knots about every foot or so ranging in size from 1/4" to 1 1/4" in diameter. The boards do have a very sappy feel also. Do you think I got true red pine? I stayed in a bed and breakfast while up there. Oddly enough the lady of the house had used the same wood in her sewing room. It looked very nice. I'm so concerned about all this because I've never lived in a home with pine floors. I want a look correct for a vintage Wisconsin home but don't want it to look like crap in a couple of years. Thanks, Mike
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I am sure of the pine I'm refering to. It's Pinus resinosa (red pine). It's not the color of the wood, just the common name for the species.
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