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Trial and Error Opperator
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Ya, I got home and saw the call just didn't know your number With IR, on top of the air oil sep, the line that runs out and goes to equipment.... There is a valve that adjust the pressure It's small in size but has height to it with a screw on top ( and a lock nut) I adjust mine all the time Last few years in the winter I've sucked up the air oil filters cause of it, the tech's that work on them didn't know it either. When running I turn compressor mine up to 130 psi.
Before shutting down, I turn it back to 80 -90 psi This keeps the compressor from working to hard on start up, in cold weather the low psi switch doesn't always kick in and it will start up on high causing the filter to collapse When I'm talking low temp I mean 35 f and under Inside that valve adjustment There is a small o ring that if it goes, will not let you adjust it - or very little this to will suck your filter up... I've replaced mine 4 times at 200 each, Clock wise- psi up Counter click wise - down Make sure you do it in very little incriminates Last year I turned it down every time before shutting off and did not have any problems, but hey, I've got the best luck and it might change Lol


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