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Perkins Diesel motors?????

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I bought a case 1835c skid steer and someone put a 46hp perkins diesel motor in it. Originally case (from what I gather on the website) they came with a 3 cylinder diesel and this perkins is a 4 cylinder. I bought this skid steer off of an estate so it's not like I can ask the guy the history of the motor since he is dead. I am having problems and need to make sure things are hooked up correctly so I'd like to get an online manual or at least see what is suppose to go in the threaded hole on the injector pump.

The motor has this on the tags .

KF70261J and 752173B
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Perkins makes good engines but they will not start when its 40 degrees or colder. If you plan to use it in the cold get a block heater on it. Do some research on it and the other sizes. The same maching may be used for different models but they just had different size engines. This engine may be from a different machine. Also look for the tag on the machine. The body part with the decal may have been changed.
The tag on the machine says KF70261J and 752173B that's all I can gather from this. I tried researching but google is failing me with what limited information I have. I can't find any other tags on the motor and I really need to find out if this particular hole has a plug thats suppose to go in it or if another hose is suppose to connect it.
I'm pretty sure CAT bought out Perkins so you might want to call a dealer for info. That hole might be just a timing inspection hole for timing the pump to the engine.
Perkins! flashback to when I was a diesel apprentice - they are from england. They have a very uniqe govenor setup - and they are VERY sensative to the valve clearance? lash? settings. When they work, they work good LOL I worked on marine perkins diesels wayyyyy back in '72. You might have to get set of metric wrenches/sockets to work on this.

good luck

I've been a honda man most of my life, I have plenty of metric stuff: actually 90% of it is! haha
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