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pea stone driveway

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Yep, that's what I said. These guys went to town next door "fixing" the driveway. Maybe I don't understand something the HO's thinking. This is going to end up all over the lawn when they plow in the winter. First person who drove in got slippery on the marbles in the driveway.

What do you guys think? Not so bad? Ridiculous? This is never going to pack down is it?

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Good news is that when they have to get out of the stuck car, they will have a soft landing as they stumble and fall:thumbsup: Pea gravel works great on playgrounds and in dog kennels-but driveways?????. Most of the people I work for have a hard enough time not washboarding compacted 3/4-minus, so I can imagine what this will end up looking like.
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