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Payroll, A/P and A/R Software

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I'm looking for a software program primarily for payroll functions, but has additional functions such as A/P and A/R. I have a 30 day trial of Sage, Peachtree Accounting Pro, but it looks like there are added costs to the basic software for payroll functions. I'm also not sure if there are additional annual costs to keep the program active. Can anybody please recommend something that is working for them.
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sage, peachtree and timberline are the market but keep it simple and in proportion to the size of your operation. quicken's contractor version works too and you can buy it at office max or staples. simpler still is a stubby pencil and good accountant that keeps you out of tax woes.
What do you mean by payroll and account receivable.

There is no need to have a program that integrates account receivables with payroll.

Are you looking for a payroll that calculates payroll taxes or are you looking for a program that helps calculate what you owne your employees.

For calculating payroll taxes, we have been using Quicken's QuickPayroll. We use this program only for calculating the employee's deductions and writing the check. We do not use the program for any other features and the check data is manually entered into another program that is faster, easier to manage, easier to learn, and more error-free (IMO). (I never used an IMO before.

If you would like a free copy of a payroll program we use to calculate the amount of pay we owe employees click on the link below.

I do not use QuickPayroll online because I don't believe in allowing any outside agency to manage, store, nor have access to my data to give to any other agency without my knowledge (if you know what I mean). So, you can probably get an old copy on Ebay, or send me a PM and I will send you a copy (if possible and if legal). Quicken charges about $125 per year for updating the tax charts.

For a free and quick to learn account receivable program that is not integrated with a lot of garbage (as it should not be) click on the link below.

I hate integrated software packages because it is very difficult to know if, where, and when you make mistakes. Simple programs are much easier to learn, easier to teach to others, easier to manage, and more error-free.
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