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Paydirt Sitework and Terramodel For Sale

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Hey guys,
I've still got Trimble Paydirt Sitework v5.22 (latest, works on Vista) and Terramodel v10.41 (works on vista) for Sale. CDROM's, USB Dongle key for $1,500. I have ALL MODULES UNLOCKED on Paydirt & Terramodel.

I've also got FieldGenius 2008 data collection software from Microsurvey for the Recon/Ranger data collector. I have the "Advanced" modules, which includes: Roading, Surfacing, Slope Staking as well as the "Standard" survey package. I paid $1,400 for this, I'll let it go for $700.

PS - pm me if you are interested:thumbup:
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I am interested in the Paydirt software. Please call me when you can at 763-772-9749
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