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Being a "noob" to the business side of things I'm learning something new everyday. As of this moment I'm a one man team. Being so, me, myself, and I don't need work comp. I currently carry $1mil GL insurance though Acuity (at the time the only ones who would even give me the time of day as a new business owner). I am looking into doing bigger projects and will require a second set of hands. I read an article about some insurance companies carrying a "pay as you go" work comp for companies, who, either only need it when they hire subs, or don't know how much the company will make for the year. You just send in a quarterly statement on the company's income and pay what you owe.

Has anyone either heard of or used something like that? If so, was it worth looking in to or trying out. If I only get say, 2 jobs a month and make $10,000 instead of the expected $20,000 I like the idea of only paying for what I use. Any thoughts?

Thanks! :thumbsup:
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