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Patching fiber cement siding

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Anybody have any success with patching holes in fiber cement siding?

If so, what did you use?

I am trying to look for alternatives to replacing the whole piece if I can make it look near decent.

If not, get out the prybar and sawzall :furious: :laughing:
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Fein Multimaster is excellent for this. Use the carbide grit blade to cut out the bulk of the clap. If its blind nailed, you can usually stick a couple of wood shims under the next clap to give you a bit of clearance. The E cut blade works great for cuting out the nails.

I have replaced small 2 foot sections like this that were damaged by another contractor as well as full peices. Take you time and you can get the repair to look like new.

And yes, a 15ga DA stainless finish nail works well for face nailing, just watch the depth of drive. I use the spotnails brand of nails as they are available in smaller quantities at reasonable cost.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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