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Patching fiber cement siding

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Anybody have any success with patching holes in fiber cement siding?

If so, what did you use?

I am trying to look for alternatives to replacing the whole piece if I can make it look near decent.

If not, get out the prybar and sawzall :furious: :laughing:
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We've foamed and used bondoor epoxy to patch holes before.

I think the bondo patch should be used as a last resort. Like a lot of patches, the paint always seems to flash.

For me it would depend on how obvious the patch will be, and how tight the working room is. If you're near the vents, condensor, meters, hose bib, etc...I think patching would be fine.
Thanks for the help guys.
I am just gonna do it right and replace it.

Too bad it's blind nailed :censored:
I've had good luck with 15 ga. finish nailer. I have other issues with Hardi-plank clapboards, so one of our processes is to face nail where the clapboards don't lay flat. Much better IMO than patching! Even carefully driven Maze nails work well.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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