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Pass or fail???

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This is the quality work of one of the bigger construction companies here in NY.

They don't pay their carpenters good enough so they settle for the guys who work cheap!!!

Yes I know for a fact how they pay, because years ago I was supposed to run the cabinet shop, they do grocery stores and one of them needed a kitchen to showcase their chef.

Their idea of a custom kitchen was a put together yourself type from home cheapot!!! I quit right after !!!

So this freezer wasn't in the budget so they came back and hacked up the new pavement and threw this together!!!!

Isn't there supposed to be a birds mouth where the rafter meets the top wall???

I wonder what our little code enforcement wannabe thinks about this?


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I did a roof like that a while ago, I think we used 2x6 with a birds mouth. Not sure if the no birds mouth will be an issue or not, what I remember is the inspector telling us we should have used joist hangers where the rafters meets the wall. So we had to put an A35 on each side of the rafter to substitute.
Is that roof-to-wall connection flashed?
A birds mouth is so the roof load is transferred to the plate over a square area rather than a thin line, which will crush the rafter to some extent under loads.
I'd say not at this time ,it's not flashed!!!

They were there this am, it should be done by the end of the day anyway!!!
Is the freezer wall rated to carry the roof load? Ever one of those freezers I've seen up close has had a very thin outside skin over a foam lining and little structural supports. Every one I see outside has a freestanding roof built over/around it.
Why would it be flashed?
Is it ready for inspection?
Yea I think the freezer is as you described ,, I stopped by and it's all wrapped up.

We're in a small town , the inspector is an idiot , I started my garage right before a holiday he left a day early to come back and do my footer inspection to see I was setting trusses.

He said he wasn't gonna sign off on it so I told him there was no need for him to come back and that was 5 years ago lol
Didnt you post this earlier?
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