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Paslode powerframer pf350s

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Any of you guys using the the newest paslode air framing nailer? I'm pretty impressed with the specs and like the offset round head nails you can get for it. Looking for some real world reviews from guys who use it day in and day out. Lets not start this war on which to get either just looking for some self reviews lol.
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I have a couple. No complaints and lots of driving power compared to the older power master.
It is probably the best nailer they have come out with, plenty of power and a solid too.'
I have it, but I don't use it day in and day out. I like it for above mentioned reasons....that and it toe nails nice.
I've been using Paslode nailers for over 20 years...not as much as I used to now.

Bought this new one 2 years back and I know the guys like it. Pickle usually complains about what I have, he broke his personal one last fall and grabbed the Paslode from the shop...his new only complaint was cost of nails, but raved about the gun itself.
We have about 10 paslodes ranging from 5 years old and newer. The newer ones are a bit better for driving into engineered lumber. When they first came out with the round drives we had a ton of trouble with all our existing guns. Paslode wouldn't admit they had a problem. We actually had to buy our nails from prime just to get the clip heads for a while while they figured it out. They have it solved now and have not had a problem for the last few years. The hanger clip is very handy and prevents a lot of dropped guns. The paslodes will take a drop as long as you don't drop them on concrete. Will never buy another hitachi. Wont take any abuse without breaking and no hanger clip means far greater chance of a fall. Have tried the ridgid, too awkward and heavy, though good hitting power and has hanger clip. Stanley bostitch strip nailer wasn't bad but we found the nails far more expensive than the paslode. I have been running paslode for almost 30 years and for my money, that's what I will be buying. good luck.
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