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Paslode F-250SS Postive Placement Nailer

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Hello All,

Wanted to see if anyone had any input on the Paslode 250 positive placement nailer (joist nailer).

I am proud owner of the Paslode F 350 Framing Gun, and like Paslode a lot as a company.

Does anyone have any experience with this gun?

Any other joist nailer that they would recommend?

Thanks everyone.

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Yep that's a good thread.

OP, I love my Paslode 250. The only complaint some seem to have is the weight. However, it will set a 2.5" into engineered lumber, I bet those little bostich guns would leave it proud. Make sure to keep the paper collated nail dry.

Thank you Mac for the information, I will go there.

Thanks all.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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