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My local theatre sells ads for 60$ a month. You get to submit up to three slides that are run as trailers before the movie. They prefer that they have a fun or amusing theme but it's not necessary.

Looking for some help with a three spot ad campaign. I'm down for funny if it can be done tactfully.

Thank you in advance. Let the mayhem ensue.:whistling

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1st slide: homeowner outside on a ladder, painting his house with Behr paint.

2nd slide: he falls off the ladder... possibly breaking a bone or two, and you can see the Behr paint already starting to peel off the house.

3rd slide: You drive by in your company've slow down to gawk a little, but you're gonna keep on driving

too bad you can't have a 4th slide...(you laughing and giving him the finger)

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I would also be interested in the age demographics of the average movie goer, it wont do you much good to show the ad to teenagers.
The price seems ok though, hell times are tough, so try it for a few months and if you dont get any response then cancel it.
Maybe find a house that is about to be tore down and spill paint all over the roof, have a guy look like he is hanging on by the gutter with a big huge puddel of white paint all over the shingles.
Or you could make it look like the paint was spilled on the roof and the HO is standing on the ground in a suit coverd from head to toe in paint that has dripped down off the roof when the guy spilled it.
Interior, i would get some of those fake Bubba teeth and put a guy on a ladder with a fake company shirt on that says something like BillyBobs Painting & Animal Husbandry then just have him smiling back at the camera off of a step ladder with like the worst possible cut lines anyone could imagine. have the guy wear the bubba teeth smile and give the camera a big thumbs up, and put plenty of paint on him.

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First slide: You smiling, holding a sign that says "I'll paint any room for $999.99".

Second slide and third slides full of legalese restrictions may apply kind of stuff.
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