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Looking at a job repainting several industrial transformers(?) for our local poco. They are like 5' cube with doors/flat top and sides, and fins on the back. Paint is flaking in small areas ( mostly on southern exposures), no bare metal, as there's sound primer underneath. They are located at various facilities around the city.

Poco is supplying an oil based paint (flat grey).

Here's my thoughts on the process..
-Pressure wash to remove all loose paint and generally clean units/area (checking on safety issues with water intrusion)
-Come back a couple days later and RO the flaked areas to feather edges, scuff up the rest with scotch brite.
-After 6-8 are prepped, load up the airless, when the wind is low, run around and squirt them.
-Repeat ^^^^

Couple of questions... I've never run oil based through my airless.. Is there any problems or tricks? Tip size?

Is there anything to 'etch' the paint when pressure washing? I really don't want a failure down the road...

Any thoughts?

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