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Paint Sprayers

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I've got a line on a Titan 440i for $549.00. How does this sprayer compare to the Graco 390 Hi-Boy, performance wise??

anyone Know? Thanks.
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I have a 440 and a 390 graco. the 440 is a dam work horse, in 9 years I had only one problem with it. the 390 broke in the first 3 months. but that said 390 puts out less g.p.m i believe. also quieter, but heaver.
for the money get the 440
I also have a 440 it is a great sprayer and ive run a couple gallons through it no problems :thumbsup:
440 :thumbsup:
also, not a bad price on it either
I have had a 440i for years and sprayed hundreds of gallons through it. i just had to replace the hose and gun and that's it. takes a beating and keeps on ticking.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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