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Paint and prep of wooden floors before new carpet goes down

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Carpet guy came in and ripped out old carpet, homeowner wants me to apply a oil or shellac primer before new carpet goes down, previous homeowner had dogs and cats that pissed everywhere hence the primer.
My question is it alright just to bang in the old staples or just leave them alone thinking the underfelt/padding will bed into them. First time of painting floors in 30 years of painting.
Your thoughts please
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I always pound them down. Less labor = less $$

The carpet puller should have done that. My rule is if you pull it you take care of the staples too. Same with drywall: you mudd it you sand it
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Make sure to use the shellac primer. I wouldn't hurt to spray the whole thing with an enzyme either. The enzyme will eat up the source of the odors and the shellac will seal anything residual.
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You cant take half an hour to pull them out?
I would pound them in and then paint with a shellac, I would probably put on two coats as it dries so quick, just to be sure.
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