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PA emission testing

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Took the 2012 f250 in for her first inspection and the dealer handed me a receipt for inspection and emission testing.

I thought anything above 9000GVW didn't require it here in PA? I questioned the bill and the service writer said it doesn't get a sticker, but still requires some sort of test? How can it be exempt and still require a test?

Is he BS me? or is this some other form of test? 2012 f250/ 6.2L / 10,000GVW

My old geezer was 8800GVW so I was used to paying for it in past years, Just thought I'd catch a break with the new one, being it's over 9K which is supposedly exempt.

Anybody in SE PA with any insight?
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BTW...The dealer receipt says; PA State Inspection/Emission test $89.95 shop supply $4.00

That's about what I paid for the old truck if I remember right.
I know this may not help . But Just paid $21 dollars in New York State inpection service station . Was a f-250 crew cab 2011 .
I thought anything above 9000GVW didn't require it here in PA?
Without going nuts digging for links, I'm pretty sure that's right. I suspect it's just SOP for the shop to write that charge, and if you question it, baffle you with BS.

If you really wanna dispute it, I'd ask for a written reference requiring such testing, whatever it is. Or take a day or two on the phone shuttle at PennDOT.
I just tried to dig out my last inspection invoice, but I can't find it. I can't say 100% I want to say I don't pay anything for my truck emissions because there is no second sticker, but to be honest I really can't remember.

Now I put less than 5000 miles on my car per year so it is exempt too. But that still gets a second sticker, and they charge me a $16 sticker fee for that. But it still gets no emissions inspection.

Now I do go to a small mom and pop shop, so that may have something to do with it too.

Man, that's a rip off. And I thought I got hosed at paying $20 to the state every other year for my emissions testing. Since they came out with OBD II they don't even test anymore. They just plug in and read the codes. If you are clean you pass. They no longer stick the tester up the tail pipe to measure CO and NOx

All they need to do is look and see if the check engine light is on. If it is you fail. If it isn't, 90% chance you pass.
Not sure what the emissions weight cutoff is but you are required emissions testing as long as the registration card says you need it. My truck is required at 9900 GVW but exempt being a diesel.

Price is about consistent with what I pay. The $4 fee is what the stickers cost.
I just got mine done on my 2010 f250, only paid for one sticker/test. You got hosed! I'm in sepa too.
I've never paid for a state emission test. My truck being a diesel is exempt, the 2 Exploders my wife owns she takes to the state testing station, after the test they give her a pass/fail (never had one fail) sheet with a number on it. I enter the number on the plate application. I apply/renew online, 3-5 days latter the plate or sticker arrive in the mail.

I love the fact that Indiana has no inspections...
I love the fact that Indiana has no inspections...
We have inspections here, Lake County. I believe Indianapolis and the surrounding area has inspections also. Its based on population density, Fort Wanye and a few other areas may have inspections also.

I'm in Pittsburgh and none of my trucks except my ranger get emissions. I just paid 26 bucks I think for inspection on my 3500 van. I have a f250 and 2 3500 vans. None get emissions or charged for it.
Just called the dealer again and bitched to no avail...I asked again, why inspection and emissions when the law is my side,... answered by saying the verbiage was wrong on the receipt and what was performed is called a heavy duty inspection at 89.99 for f250's. If you have a 150 it's 59.99.

Friggin' dealer BS if you ask me. I'll call my personal mechanic tomorrow and see what he says. He never charged me that much for any so called HD inspections I'm sure.
I thought in only certain county's in PA needed the emissions testing? I am not going to say what I am thinking here, but I don't get it on my truck!
Well I hope it doesn't spread any farther in Indiana, 'cause I live right between Indy and Ft. Wayne.
They call it a stealership for a reason.
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Well I hope it doesn't spread any farther in Indiana, 'cause I live right between Indy and Ft. Wayne.
Nice area. You near Union City? I pick up a lot of my hardwoods at Frank Miller Lumber.

Real close to Fairmount, which isn't very close to Union City, but I have been to Frank Miller's before.
PA emissions testing is by county. That said, I live in Lehigh County and was told by my mechanic that since my new (to me) e350 was over 9000# I was exempt from the test. I only paid for the safety inspection...
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