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So in the last 15 years I have completed 3 pools as we moved house to house. I have decided to try and make some money off the schedule I have used. It seems a lot of people are interested in an Owner/builder pool and there aren't many contacts for consulting.
Im getting a handful of people replying to my CL post showing interest.
Almost tempted to build a website.
For $400 upon meeting, I plan on offering (samples) of the drawing for permit/contractor bids(they can draw their own using them as reference or hire CAD designer), some contacts for licensed pool trades and the schedule I have from start to finish.
Ill meet with homeowner and go over every step in detail and answer any questions along the way, but will not in any way supervise any phase of build or communicate w/any inspector or contractor.
The first person I met with took advantage of me, stay at home Mom in big house, seemed nice and legit. She offered to help me build a website(husband was web designer).. in trade for info. Excited and anxious I left her the info and she stopped communicating w/me when I asked her to sign proposal agreeing to what we and learn, should have done that in first place.
Second person is really interested but asking to pay half up front and the rest later. That would be fine I guess if I was charging $1000, but not $400....$200 now and $200 2 months later isn't worth it. Should I charge more? Any advise on an operation like this?
I know a local guy that is out of operation right now would have client come to his house, ask for separate checks, one for county and one for him. He provided drawings, permits and schedule. I think he was charging $1500-$2000. I just don't know how he got the permit since he was not the Owner or the builder....?
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