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Own Domain E-Mail

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Hey Everyone

The other day I just bought my first domain name.
Dont know if I'm ready just yet to setup a website but wanted a little iinfo from you guys on here on how to go about setting up email using it.
Can it be done easily with a free host eg. Hotmail etc...

What ways do you lot do it and works for you?
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Who is hosting your website, do they offer email services? I simply let GoDaddy handle mine - easy as all get out --- many of the others offer the same service
I use Fatcow. No issues. It syncs right to outlook. Its a template site and very easy to use. check out mine its fairly basic but gets the job done and very easy to make changes when you want.
Mine isn't that easy to use to I forward my domain email it to an email that I have been using forever.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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