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I was hoping someone could help me with some leads.

We are a GC out here in Los Angeles and have been focusing on Public Works jobs for the past couple of years, and things seem to be going rather well. Our problem is that we are now attempting to allow ourselves to focus more on the job and worry less about the red tape that necessarily comes along with this sort of work.

We are looking for a company (we have been considering Employee Leasing) that will not only manage our Certified Payroll, but also will take care of Notifying/Contacting apprenticeship programs in our area, making sure we have the appropriate ratio of Apprentice/Journeyman hours, and managing jobsite safety meetings.

We've been managing doing this all by ourselves, but we've come to the point where we'd like to streamline our end so we can focus more on performing the work required without having to stress about all these formalities.

Any help any of you can give will be very much appreciated.
N. Courts
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