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I joined with them in Nov/Dec. They told me theyd give me my own personalized website, keep me on the first page and bla bla bla. No big deal for $145 a month. They give you a personalized number for tracking purposes. I received one call from that number (Verified by the call starting with "A call is coming in from") and it was bogus. I let it go until last week with ZERO results. Worth a shot but another wasted route. Im still new in business I guess (7th year) so I am willing to try any marketing avenue that has potential.

I will say that the internet is the only form of marketing that has done anything for me. Ive been with Service Magic for awhile and even though they have an awful rep with contractors on here, I do quite well with them. Its definitely not for the faint at heart though. On average 30% of the leads are serious, ready-to-hire HO's. I have a strong sales personality and the knowledge to prove I deserve their time so that helps.

I started with recently as well. Too soon to tell if its gonna work as promised but I'm hopeful.

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Outrank is a scam

Any one out there in contractor land herd of They have reasonable rates to keep you on the first pages of Google etc.

Outrank=Fraud & deception at least that what many in the complaints board say

you are paying them to list in in Google places and yahoo and do other really simple things.
I would never trust any of these services. you can do everything they do.

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I spent about 10 mins. setting up a google account and I'm on the first page. Just recently tweeked it and I'm a couple places higher now.

I can't see paying someone to do this kind of "work" when it's not a very complicated process.
Well, it isn't about getting there, staying there is the hard part.

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I absolutely agree I found out how important positioning is
a long time ago, I was almost ready to shell out $ 10K when
I launched a website a few years back, this company
guaranteed 1st position/page 1 in google for 1 year. You know
how I knew they were, the real deal? every couple days I
searched 'SEO' and 'Search Engine Optimization' and each
and every time they were at the very top (talk about proving
a claim).

My webmaster (who should have a statue erected in his
likeness in the Nerdville Town square) is able to do a very good job,
but positioning 'a site' is a virtual full time job, the site just cant be
manipulated once and just left. Even when my web guy was at it
when he had the time, we eventually got to page 3 of yahoo and
page 7 of google.

I'll tell you though, that 1st, 2nd, 3rd position on page 1 is really
worth a 'mint', I hardly ever click on a sponsored ad at the
top and sometimes will on an ad on the side, but usually I will go
to the 1st thru 5th links on the page.

I would say when I was looking at it SEO wasn't really getting that
big yet, but if I were to look now, I would do a search on google
right now and see which are the top 3 to 4 in position and compare

Dan I'm jealous, had a home in Tahoe Donner for a few years, now
living in the SF Bay Area....again!....God I miss it up there.

Next time you're going up Northwoods...just past the 'welcome to
Tahoe Donner' signs, on the left a 3 story (one of the only stucco/
Bavarian homes up there) that was mine.

Wave (your beer bottle) at it, in honor for me ok?


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Well, week one is up after I signed with Outrank. Currently I'm number 1on the second page of google and can't find my ranking on yahoo or bing. I'm not sure how it got ranked so quickly with google and not the other two but I prefer google over all others. According to googles keyword tool I have moderate competition for my keywords. So far so good.

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Are you talking about being listed as sites after a google search, or are you talking about a google adword campaign?

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Ok, just asking because I know that google does not immediately re index websites, it's a periodic thing. You could have the perfect formula to be number one on a search but it wont be immediate. If you can even get on the first page 'at all' I would say that's a big plus.

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getting on google

If you get on google local in one-week chances are your ad won't stick long. Long being when google updates their algo and hits upon the tactic used to rush you to the top.

There are lots of methods to build false authority; problem is eventually google finds these methods due to seo competitors notifying google.

I'm not talking about keyword crap either, mainly stealing authority from higher ranked pages is the methods used by spammers, and are very effective when exploiting holes in how google identifies your business.

If your speaking of organic search, page one for competitive keyphrases can be accomplished in one week, most of the time and will boost your local listing.

The goal is to get calls, I really don’t care where I land if my phone is ringing off the hook. That is the job of a lead company who knows how to get where your targeted traffic is looking.

It takes experience to get a feel for how your customers find you, it's not logical. Some guys on this forum are just plain smart and competitive and stay with it until they figure out what works. Imagine a guy like that times 100, that's what you get when you get a customer behavior scientist/internet marketer with experience.

My company averages 5 to 6 hundred calls per month. Before that it was around 10, that's when I was using Superpages, and 2 other companies combined.

In the beginning I was all over the internet, not many calls. It took my guy 3 to 6 months, getting me to the productive searches before my phone went crazy. I started getting calls slowly after 75 days then it went straight up from there.
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