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Outlets in countertop

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Anyone ever set an outlet into the surface of a kitchen countertop? I guess it would have to have some kind of cover in order to be code compliant in addition to being GFI protected, thanks GMOD.
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Bubbles Thweetie: :laughing::laughing: Just a question; What about all the outlets put into the sides of Island cabinets?
What about them? They are fine as long as they are less than 12" down from the top. Lower than that will not meet the dimensions for any required counter top receptacles.
My supply house has them on display at the counter. Yes, very slick. :thumbsup:

But WHY blue?? :blink:
Very nice, Gene.

To answer the OP's question, a receptacle is not permitted to be installed flat into the counter in a dwelling, but this install is permitted in a non-dwelling setting. Go figure.
Mag, you are not quite correct here. The wording is not like you say, so this install is perfectly fine in a dwelling.

A receptacle is not allowed to be installed "face up" in a counter. I don't think you'd win an argument that the pictured device is "face up". :no:
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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