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Outdoor Table Design Anyone?

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I was asked to build a prep table for a client we are building for now.

I can't even provide a price until I sit down and design the stupid thing piece by piece so I was wondering if anyone ever built something like this before and had any pics I could go by to start with. Especially considering I know it will be an expensive proposition they might not go for.

HO wants it 40" tall and 42" long. I'm thinking maybe 20"ish deep?

Deck is TT XLM DB.

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What kind of prep? I will tell you i have done a few outdoor tables of various sizes, basic cedar four leg base with 5/4 cedar apron, and a concrete top. GMOD
What kind of prep? I will tell you i have done a few outdoor tables of various sizes, basic cedar four leg base with 5/4 cedar apron, and a concrete top. GMOD
You know, Gene, I don't know the answer to that.

Considering the previous table they had was literally a SOLID block of 2x4s nailed together, I don't know what the expectation is. That mother was so heavy, we could barely move it. I should have taken a pic because no one here would believe the thing. It was SOLID 2x4s as in a big BLOCK.
Greg, run the concrete top idea by them, explain that the surface is smooth as glass, and perfect for exterior applications, any color available, then you build the base, i will pour the top, take a ride to long island, pick up the top, i"ll buy lunch. Gmod
I don't have enough posts to submit the link, sorry.

Take a look at:
deccessories (google it)

They do custom stuff (tables, benches, chairs, etc) out of composite material.

I don't know what the required surface needs to be (are they cutting or chopping on it).

Anyways, just think bench with taller legs, that might require bracing.
You might take a peek at it takes very little mass to make up a real solid piece using South American lumber.

I built my kitchen nook table out of the pallets the ipe came on. J.
here was a grill prep table, dont know if this helps
Thanks, Chris.

That's pretty much what I envisioned.

What I may do if they decide to have me do it is rip the radiused edges of the XLM boards off and glue them up to make a solid top.

Although the concrete top idea sounds cool. Hmmmm...
Might I suggest a stainless steel top, shelf and adjustable legs?

16 ga. min. radius on the front and side edges, 4" back splash.

Looks great, nearly indestructible, matches the grill.

Here is a simple design, which I have used with various dimensions, all the way up to a 6 foot long table.

This is a matching side table to a larger set.

Furniture Table Wood stain Outdoor table Wood

Furniture Table Wood stain Wood Plywood

Furniture Wood Chair Plywood Hardwood

It can be made with any stable wood (this one is 5/4 Cedar, which is very reasonably priced), and its assembled with SS finish nails, waterproof wood glue and a few deck screws.

Its still needs to be finish sanded and clear coated.

I don't bother making chairs, but tables are easy.
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