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Hi, I am a roofing contractor Down Under (NZ), who does a bit of deck membrane work using the trafficable PVC (vinyl) membrane sold under the various brands such as Duradek, Dec-K-ing, Weatherdek, Dec-Tec etc, mostly sourced out of Canada's West Coast. My research shows that most of these membranes are actually manufacturered in Mississippi USA, some are fibreglass reinforced, some polyester, some fleece backs, and historically find their way back to Sarnafil out of Switzerland.
One or two of them describe the product as "outdoor flooring" which I suppose it is, but I look at it primarily as a waterproofing membrane first, which you can also walk on.

Just wondering if there is anyone on this Forum who
1. does this type of work also?
2. has used this type of product as a re-moldeler/builder?
3. what your opinions are on the system if you have used it?

I am not trying to sell anything here , just asking ;), as we have been through them all and found the best for us here under our climate conditions.

If you are not sure about the product, throw a .com behind any of the brand names I mentioned above to see the products, and put it up on your web address bar.
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