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osha coming to job??

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cutting stone?

cutting stone with gas powered,do you have to use water to be osha approved??Its residential job?Thanks
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No, you don't have to, you can dry cut. As a matter of fact there are some stones that absorb too much water if cut with water they must air dry for a day or so before they can be laid.
I'm not a mason...but I found this:

2006 - 07/20/2006 - Whether it is mandatory to use a wet saw when cutting brick or concrete block.
[OSHA link]
[Powerpoint reader here: PowerPoint Viewer 2007]
[Adobe PDF file]

I think the type of stone being cut should be defined....does it contain silica?
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Depends on your state as of right now. Laws are changing. My state (NJ) you must cut masonry wet. Unless there is no possible way to cut wet (electrical hazard things like that). Chris you may want to check in California because I think that they may have adapted that law also recently. I am not saying that dry cutting does not go on here but that yes you may be fined if you do it.
Without even looking California probably wrote the damn law. I don't do any masonry work anymore, I just recall years ago certain stones absorbed water and could not be set until dry again, doing so caused a problem when looking at the wall, you could stand back and count every cut piece for years to come.
depending on the stone you might just want to use a dusk mask if moisture isn't a problem with the stone cut with a wet saw silicosis is nothing to toy with
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