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As of the last few weeks I started the stove due to wood running low.
I haven't used it two years because of the testing and the great results achieved via such a small areaed throat, which has resulted in nothing less than pure bliss for any fireplace lover.
Sunday I had to do a revealing video showing what I've developed in action with every kind of fire intensity wise and formation style also.i.e.tee pee / log cabin. I started at 3 pm with a 1/2 hour intentional heavy smoke hardly any flame fire. Then a nice high fire which had the flames leaping through the 1-3/4'' throat....quite impressive for anyone watching including myself, every time yet still!
After a few hours I kept it normal until 10 pm whe I stopped feeding it and fell asleep.
The 18 by 30 room [hall included] was at 81 while the entire first fl was in the low 70's. The second fl stood in the high 60's,while it was close to 25 and falling to 20 by 8pm or so.
I awoke at 12 pm to red coals and a comfortable house. The furnace had been shut from the start. I went to the thermostat 18ft away and it read 70....the damper was open still as I hrdly shut it any more unless I sleep on the lazy boy just out in front of the fireplace.
I guess the fireplace blew the stove away as my wife went and put shorts on, and the family rm never reached over 73 or so with the stove. In fact the f.p. out heated the entire home which was amazing.

In the morning I emailed Jim Buckley and told him and I mentioned I had an investor too. He replied "It doesn't surprise me" and said "Good for you" regarding the investor.

He seems to be a O K guy.

The stone f.p. pic was sent by the owners. It was the corner fireplace [right side against the wall] I did around 1984 for a Banjo Playing Designer and Orton Lover. In fact he built his own in his studio barn. Th coolest barn I've been in. It had a stage with a dance floor and perimeter cafe seating. There sat a Model A Ford for looks by the dance floor and a stone Rumford at one of the exterior walls with no damper..."Barn"
He past a few years back and I noticed his family posted a pic of him [Will Tressler] and Pete Seeger!

Will was instrumental and the catalyst to my Orton Rumford building [I did build 2 before him] as well as my damper fabricating being his stone fp was the 1st reverse hinged damper I ever made....the same one that sits in my f.p. in the pic.

Funny thing I am just now bidding two large Rumfords back to back all stone in and out, and a bunch of other masonry for a very wealthy Industrialist. He perked up with a smile on his face when I mentioned Will Tressler from Easton Ct.

He can be seen on Face book still the family keeps his page...nice ora he had and has.


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