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Opinions on horizontal roller impact windows VS single hung impact windows security

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I got into installing impact windows here in South Florida. A few of my customers have expressed concerns over horizontal roller impact windows. They have told me that they have heard from their neighbors that the horizontal rollers can be pried up and out of their tracks. Any truth to this ? I don't know what to tell them. Are single hung windows superior to horizontal sliders as far as security goes ? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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All of the sliders that I have worked on in the past, whether it be design, manufacturing or installation have an added feature. There are anti lift blocks inside the head portion of the masterframe. Typically it is a length of extrusion that snaps in place, and when the window is locked, prevents this from happening. Now if the window is unlocked, you can slide the sash to one side and lift it out, but the would be bad guy would just crawl through the sash opening in this case.
Another note. If the window is certified through AAMA, and has a test report, part of the testing is forced entry resistance. The tecnician is given various tools that most people possess, and a given amount of time to break in.
Hope this helps.
It's much easier to break into a slider when partially open, after all, who uses their a/c 24/7? You can open a single hung 8" and the only thing anyone coould fit would be a forearm - no one would be able to reach any security pins installed into the frame. With a slider, they'd have their entire arm to work with.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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