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Opinions needed, handrail issues.

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About a year ago, my co-worker and I installed an ovalised 1.5"x 2" handrail. On both sides of the stairwell running up 4 flights.

The top flight runs along a pony-wall on both sides. The rail wraps 90* at the top of the flight and returns after 1'. There was no backing installed here. Instead of cutting open a finished wall, I notched the top plate of the pony wall and slid backing down. Unfortunately this did not hold up.

I'm thinking of trying some hilti zip-toggles. Or wanted to see if anyone else has opinions on a suitable anchor.

I have a feeling I'm going to have to cut thru wallpaper that was applied 1 month ago and a painted wall.
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I know I worded it poorly, but its actually the brackets centered on the 1' return that are of most concern. I like that idea, but it would require me to re-work some of the railing.

Found a picture, it doesn't show the exact area. But you can see the LH side up top butts to the wall. Right side is 1' over then returned. Brackets are centered on both.

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Was looking at the railing, and something wasn't right. The 1' return's were almost a 1/2" out of level.

Turns out the wallpaper guys removed the railing on the left. They broke a few miter's, re-installed it in the wrong spot. Missed backing e.t.c. Forgot the remove some fasteners, forgot to install others.

Was able to fix everything, was annoyed because everyone immediately thought it was my error/fault. Had to correct a few ppl (not realizing I built the railing) that thought the installer was an "idiot". Not to mention the general public who used the railing in the past week who would've figured I did a crappy job. :wallbash:
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