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Opinions needed, handrail issues.

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About a year ago, my co-worker and I installed an ovalised 1.5"x 2" handrail. On both sides of the stairwell running up 4 flights.

The top flight runs along a pony-wall on both sides. The rail wraps 90* at the top of the flight and returns after 1'. There was no backing installed here. Instead of cutting open a finished wall, I notched the top plate of the pony wall and slid backing down. Unfortunately this did not hold up.

I'm thinking of trying some hilti zip-toggles. Or wanted to see if anyone else has opinions on a suitable anchor.

I have a feeling I'm going to have to cut thru wallpaper that was applied 1 month ago and a painted wall.
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I had a similar situation. I got a call from the Job Supe, telling me the code rail was loose and I did a bad job. I got there and checked it out, he basically started yelling and screaming about quality, yada, yada, yada. I started looking at it and started to pull drywall screws out of the brackets that were screwed in to the drywall only, etc. I asked him who were the last ones in the home and he said the painters were. Then I told him to go look in my truck to see if he could find a single black drywall screw in the entire thing. Finally it clicked for him and he did apologize.
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